Amazing grazing

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Well the badly needed rain stopped last week and the sunny weather has returned blown in by a warm south westerly wind. The temperature here yesterday topped out at 25c (75% humidity) yesterday at 5 in the afternoon. It felt hot to me and very uncomfortable. Those of you who read the blog from distinctly hotter parts of the world must wonder what the hell I’m going on about.

Well the average temperature here has been 8C for the last 2 months and that’s quite some change. The ground is hard, and the grass is leafy and clean. The energy levels are high in the grass from the sunshine and the cows are milking well for it.

This all sounds too good to be true and of course – it is. The downside of the extra milk is that my monthly milk quantity prediction for my milk buyer was over 10% off the mark which makes me a naughty boy. But unfortunately there is no naughty step for naughty boys in the world of dairy farming – only fines – or penalties as they like to call them which came to £1800 for May alone.

As milk predictions now have to be 3 months in advance and with a 7.5% accuracy, my chances of hitting the right volumes for May and June are not great. More pain in store.




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