Tardy turn out

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Rather frustratingly, there are still over 100 animals yet to be turned out. Whilst the cows here have been grazing for over a month now there is still two groups of heifers that are yet to be turned out, as my tenancy doesn’t start until the end of the month.

Whatever my feelings about this late start might be, there is little that can be done about it as the landlord insists he is following the rules laid down by the ministry. Which in this case, demand a months grace between sheep grazing during the winter and my heifers grazing during the Summer.

This leaves me starting the grazing season on the first of May, two months after the grass starts growing. This is way too late for my liking, so the bulk of the heifers have already been turned out onto cow pastures in late March. This in turn means that a larger area of pasture is needed which will taken from silage ground. Consequently silage that would have been made by the farm is made three miles away at my Summer grazing instead which extra requires tractors and trailers to retrieve it during harvest. Not ideal but c’est la vie.

Where does that leave the other hundred or so heifers? Well one bunch are still in a shed at the other end of the village and will have to be transported to the Summer grazing on May 1st and the others are in a building just down the road. There is a patch of grass next door to them that will keep them quiet for a week until they can join the others.


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