Lawn mower pit stop

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Is there anything worse than one old lawn mower.?

Yes most definitely….. two old lawnmowers.

I, or rather we, or rather George has successfully fixed, bodged and mended our ailing Countax mower for the last three years but a couple of weeks ago the drive gave up and the quote to repair was too much to bare. Faced with a 600 hundred quid repair bill I took a trip to town, to price up a replacement. With the cheapest version coming in at just over 2 Grand and an exact replacement at over 4, I took a trip to Mum and Dads to borrow their push along.

Having mowed the lawns with Mum and Dads push mower I soon realised that the grass was growing faster than I was cutting it and an alternative needed to be found. That’s when father in law came to the rescue with his disused ride on Hayter mower. At last a solution – or so I thought. But there were one or two minor problems that needed addressing first.

Firstly there were four flat tyres, then one flat battery and then a hole in the fuel tank but other than that it was like new. Well for a bit anyway.

It wasn’t long before our great green, free mowing solution decided it wouldn’t go forward without the cutting deck being in gear. ‘How weird,’ I thought to myself. When I opened the lid I could see the engine block was moving around more than the wheels themselves.  All the fixing bolts had dropped out.

It is at this point that I was beginning to wonder whether the cheapest and quickest solution would be to buy a new mower.  Would Father in laws cast off become an unviable project, consuming my time, money and my least abundant of assets, patience.

I’m not sure as of yet, but for the sake of getting the grass mown, George and I spent the afternoon lying underneath the mower getting dowsed by passing showers. Alongside his engineering skills, George has now surely learnt my full and extensive vocabulary of profanities which were generous applied throughout the afternoon.

As things stand our ‘new mower is equipped with an old tractor battery and a temporary fuel tank strapped to the back of the seat. What could possibly go wrong?




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